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This datapad will serve as a guide to your friends, foes, and headquarters. You can also update your personal journals with information or entries not related to the story.

Xylus- Files and Future Transmissions

Kazari-Personal Letters

Grimm- Leads and Clues

Valens-Field Manual 

Friendly Contacts – You've made a few contacts along the way. Thanks to your record keeping you've even got a way to contact them again. 

Enemies – A few run-ins with the law and various mercenaries keeps you from being too lax. Although you don't know all their details, you know enough. 

Employment Contracts – Not all employers are allies, but you trust them enough that they won't pull a blaster at first sight. Some jobs will drag you deeper into the underworld, while others will bring you a good reputation. Either way, credits are credits. Here you will find details on any of your open contracts.

Havens – As you grow in assets and ability, you will likely get new places to rest up or craft. These are safe havens from the harsh underworld and prying eyes.  

Planetary Gazette – A list of planets that you've visited and what you know of them.

Blueprints – A list of the Schematics or Blueprints that you've acquired. 

Main Page

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