What the Hutt!?


Memories of the Past

Obligation Roll: None

The group made it to Mon Calamari, and after a brief conversation with air traffic control, was directed to landing pad 3 of Blackwater settlement. Upon their meeting of Corporal Lemmir at the landing pad, Kazari surrendered many of his weapons for impoundment at the local law enforcement office. Valens also gave up his blaster carbine. Qint’cszek and Thremis went off to see if they could make contact with some old allies, and perhaps locate the rest of their crew. The group asked the corporal if the station had any record on the person they were searching for, Tmennit En’Dey. The authorities had nothing, as Tmennit was not under investigation. From there, the party split up.

Valens headed toward traffic control, asking about the ship carrying Tmennit, though he didn't know the name of the ship. The controllers there didn't really know civilians, and they could not show a list of names or transponder codes, as such information was confidential. Valens went into a long story of having condolences for a friend and remains of a dead loved one. While the controllers were touched, they still could not help. Valens attempted to monitor communications nearby and mingled at the control center, but could obtain no information without the name or transponder code of the ship.

Grihm went to the speeder port. He stated that he was looking for Tmennit to give his condolences for a friend who had passed away. The workers there did not know the name, and didn't really know how to find the person without the number of the speeder. They suggested going to Tmennit's house to see if she was there. At this suggestion, Ghrim headed to the residential area.

Solus traveled to the commercial district in search of a flammable cleaner. When he could not find one, he went to the cantina and asked the bartender about Tmennit. He was able to find out the she was a Caamasi and that she had rebreathers delivered to her apartment for 15 credits, and was able to find out what the apartment was for another 15.

The party met at the residential sector and encountered a worker in the lobby. The worker would not let them past without looking at their work order. The group says that they are not on the same kind of work order, but rather are a part of the Division of Death and Dismemberment. Their story allowed them to talk their way past the lobby and to Tmennit's apartment.

Finding fingerprints on the keypad, they replicated the code and got in so they can search the room. Valens found a digital receipt for a submarine speeder that Tmennit had taken out and a log that said she worked with Lorrik Ferys. Solus found a log that indicated Tmennit and Ferys had been on Mon Calamari for several years, investigating relics of past wars. He found that the caamassi went underwater to investigate some ruins. The group conveyed this information to Grihm and left the building.

The party went back to the speeder port, with Solus stopping along the way to lock and alarm the ship. They asked the workers about the speeder, for which they now had a number. The workers were able to tell them that the speeder, named Iridescence had been down at Deepshadow — some ruins that may be one thousand years old or older — several times, and that it was due back soon. The group went to traffic control, who was able to tell them that Iridescence should be returning in the next few hours.

Soon after leaving traffic control, a group of quarren approached the group, claiming that they had been sent by Tmennit to take them to him. The players quickly saw through the deception, and the Quarren Mercinaries captured them and took them to an underwater base. The party was surprised to find Balla, an old member of Solus' crew, in the room with them, unconcious with a cut on her head. She woke up violently, smacking Solus in the head. After Solus was able to convince her that it was really him, he told Balla — Phantom 5 — that Phantoms 2, 3, and 1 are alive. Balla asks where they are, but can only guess that they are miles underwater and without their weapons. The last thing Balla remembered is being clubbed while she was walking, but remembers that the mercinaries have Sen Vai — Phantom 4 — as well.

The group agreed that they need to find a way out. Valens produced a hidden flare gun. Grihm tells the guard outside the room that he needed to go to the bathroom, but that he went in the corner. For some reason, this made the guard come in. The guard started to shoot Grihm, but shifted to Valens when he saw the flare gun. Solus stealthed behind the guard during the standoff, taking his blaster and pistol-whipping him. The group took the guard's pistol and shock gloves, while Grihm move the quarren to a specific corner.

The group moved around the corner, seeing the auto-turrets in the ceiling and shooting them. The dispatched the guard that came from the storage room and found Sen Vai in the storage room, ready to go. The party made their way to the security room where their weapons were stored and the controls to the turrets were. They defeated the quarren inside, interrogating one of them. The team found out that the quarren were hired by Lord Adren and that they were looking to claim an Imperial bounty on Phantoms 4 and 5. The group takes the quarren with them, and the captured quarren turned the auto-blasters against their enemies. This coincidentally killed the bosses of the league of bounty hunters, and the players took their blasters and escaped, finding that they had not been taken far at all, only to an abandoned warehouse. The freed quarren agreed to be an informant for Grihm and left. The team turned the quarren hunters in to the authorities and received 300 credits for their find.

Phantoms 4 and 5 went off to find 2 and 3 so that they could regroup. Meanwhile, the group's comlink beeped, the speeder port's workers telling them that Tmennit was back. The players met Tmennit and told her that Lorrik sent them and of Lorrik's fate. They told the story of Tython and how they found the holocron. As they gave it to her, Tmennit asked for a favor. The group agreed, and Tmennit promised compensation for their trouble. She told them of the holocron and how it contained memory of an ancient battle, one that she may be able to share with the group. As they go to her apartment, Tmennit told of her history with Lorrik. She explained the difference between Jedi and Sith, as well as some aspects of the Force, focusing on the trials the group had gone through and how it was the Force, not the Jedi, that had caused their visions. 

The group sank into the memory of the holocron along with Tmennit. They found themselvs as Jedi of the Old Republic, fighting a battle on Mon Calamari. They wiped out Sith soldiers who were attacking civilians and helped the trapped innocents, putting out fires and helping the others escape. After their efforts, Sith warriors appeared, cutting down the players. At the same time, the muun Jedi (Valens) betrayed his fellow ithorian (Tmennit), togruta (Solus), and devaronian (Grihm) Jedi before being cut down by the Sith himself. At the end of the battle, the ceiling caved in.

The players awoke from the memory, disturbed and intrigued by the things they had seen. Tmennit realized that the pieces of the crucial holocron they need are still in the ruins, having been left there for thousands of years. They will need to go and retrieve the pieces of this holocron if they are to purge the area of dark side energy. Just then, an explosion rocked the settlement. The players ran outside, the ground shaking as they try to stay upright.


I do believe that Grihm left the guards body in the pee puddle.

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